W&M Group is a leading Dutch company specialized in agricultural products including Dry Fruits and Nuts based on innovation and committed to supply high quality products, headquartered in Beverwijk, The Netherlands. In W&M Group BV we process, pack and finally export dry fruits, nuts and other consumer products to almost all European countries. Investing in our people and communities underpins the long term sustainability of our business. Our employment practices are designed to create a culture in which all W&M Group employees feel valued, respected, empowered and inspired to achieve our goals. We also strive to be a catalyst for change, helping the many communities we work in to flourish as our business grows. We devote big human and economic resources to process, pack and export dry fruits, nuts and other consumer products. We work tirelessly to reinforce a corporate culture based on professionalism and teamwork. Our products are present and valued in many countries in Europe.W&M Group

Our Mission

  • Exporting top quality products and providing best services which add value to society in order to satisfy our customers requirements.
  • From our leadership positioning in The Netherlands, consolidating our
    presence in many countries in Europe as a company of reference in Dry
    Fruits, Nuts and consumer products.
  • Encouraging a corporate culture based on professional attitudes and
    teamwork so that individual and collective efficiency represents a competitive advantage.

Corporate Values


Acting with responsibility, accuracy and efficiency.


Cooperating with colleagues, meeting obligations in every area of the company

Customer focus

Working with an attitude of serving those who are to receive the results of our activities


Supporting and encouraging work

Innovation and creativity

Working with initiative to create systems that enable us to improve the results of our daily work.

Effectiveness and agility

Concentrating our efforts on work processes which add value to overall results


Maintaining an attitude of accessibility to others, supplying information needed for the understanding and performing of our work.

Quality Management

W&M Group is proud of the fact that 95% of the importers from Europe who are interested in
products use our services in getting Dry Fruits, Nuts and other consumer products.
We are proud of the fact that the products being exported by W&M Group are always
accepted and appreciated.

To ensure best quality of the products, W&M Group reviews the QMS (Quality Management
System) of the company by its own trained staff and third party professionals every
year. Periodic inspections of the products are carried out to ensure the compliance of
quality standards.